"Perfect Cut" Meat
& Seafood

For nearly 60 years, Family Foods has offered
"PERFECT CUT MEATS".   It's a heritage that we're
proud of, and one that we will continue to embrace.  
Generations of experience has taught us a thing or two
about serving our guests that shop with us. We are
proud of our quality meat selection, from U.S.DA. Choice
Certified Angus Beef to ALL-NATURAL Pork and fresh
Amish Country Chicken.

Perfect Cut Meats have great selection too.  Our
friendly Butchers and Associates in RED, will answer
your questions and offer advice. Family Foods Meat
Department offers Recipes, Marinades, Kabobs,
Microwave and Oven-Ready foods
Save up to 33% EVERYDAY...
on Steaks and Chops Everyday!!  
Just Ask Our Friendly Butchers....

Family Foods Proudly Carries
Certified Angus Beef  Brand.

-The Best Angus Brand Available
-Only 8 Percent of all Beef Qualifies as
Certified Angus Beef
-The Most Flavorful, Juicy and Tender Beef You Can Buy.

What Makes it Great?
-8 Science-Based Specifications
-Certified by the USDA
-Standards Exceed U.S.D.A. Prime, Choice and Select Graded Beef
-Contains the Right Amount of Marbling
(the flecks of fat within the beef) for great taste, Every Time!

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